New lorries run on manure from pigs and cows

​On Friday 1 March, the first of the Capital Region of Denmark’s 11 new biogas lorries hit the streets. The lorries run on manure from pigs and cows and they both pollute far less and make far less noise than normal lorries.

In future, when hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark have clean uniforms and surgical equipment delivered or have their waste collected, the lorries doing the job will be environmentally friendly biogas lorries. 

Regional Council politicians decided on 19 June 2018 to procure the new lorries to reduce the Region’s carbon footprint. The Chairman of the Region’s Committee for the Environment and Climate, Kim Rockhill, is pleased:

"We’re a very large enterprise and we have huge daily transport needs to ensure that our hospitals get everything they want. At the same time, we have an ambition to be as green as we possibly can, and here was a great opportunity to take the lead".

"And we’re extremely pleased to have seized this opportunity. It’s nice to think that something we consider waste can become an important resource that can replace fossil fuels and provide just a small contribution to solving our climate challenges,” said Kim Rockhill (Danish Social Democrats).

CO2 savings worth 52 tonnes of beef

The Capital Region of Denmark has an ambition to become carbon neutral in the transport area by 2025. 

A considerable proportion of carbon emissions today comes from the large lorries that transport goods between the Region’s hospitals, but with all 11 biogas lorries on the roads at the end of 2019, emissions will be significant lower. 

"We expect that the lorries could save us 1,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. That’s as much as 52 tonnes of beef or 11,000 hours on an airplane - or many thousand-times what the individual citizen is expected to save in carbon emissions annually according to the Danish Energy Agency,” said Kim Rockhill ( Danish Social Democrats).

Clean air

In addition to the huge benefits for the environment, the new lorries will also contribute to a better life for people in the Greater Copenhagen area. 

Biogas lorries are less noisy and emit considerably fewer unhealthy particles to the air. 

Further information

  • Chairman of the Region’s Committee for the environment and Climate, Kim Rockhill (Danish Social Democrats) on tel. +45 24412593

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