Vaccination against Covid-19

See where and how you can be vaccinated against Covid-19 – this website is updated regularly.

All citizens in Denmark over the age of 12 can be vaccinated against Covid-19. Vaccination is free of charge and voluntary.

Where can I be vaccinated?

Covid-19 vaccination in hospital
Patients and relatives can now be vaccinated in hospital. Ask how it works at your hospital. 

Mobile vaccination units

The Capital Region of Denmark also offers vaccination via mobile vaccination units: Vaccination of residents at nursing homes and sheltered homes, for example. If you need a third jab because you have a severely weakened immune system, you cannot be vaccinated by the mobile services. 

How you will be vaccinated

Vaccination without an appointment

You can be vaccinated in all of the Capital Region's vaccination centres without making an appointment on all days from 9:00 to 18:00. All you have to do is bring your health insurance card. If you are 12 years old, you can be vaccinated even if you have not received an invitation. I you are not resident in Denmark, however, you must have been in Denmark for min. 14 days, and your stay in Denmark must be min. 30 days. In addition, the purpose of your stay must not be to get a vaccination.

Booking an appointment for vaccination on

If you do not want to use our walk-in vaccination option, you can still book an appointment for vaccination on
The video describes how you book an appointment on

Do you need to cancel a vaccination appointment?

  • Log in to
  • Go to "My bookings"
  • Click on "Cancel"
  • If you cancel the first appointment, both appointments will be cancelled, and you will have to book two new appointments.

If you need to change your appointments

  • You can change your appointments for vaccination by logging in to You do not have delete your existing appointment, but you can change it to an appointment that suits you.

  • Once you have had your first vaccine, you can change (cancel or edit) the appointment for the second vaccine, but only within the permitted time limit of 3-6 weeks after the first vaccine (the time limit differs depending on the type of vaccine). You can also move your appointment to a different vaccination centre than the one where you received your first vaccination.

Third vaccination for selected people with a severely reduced immune system

A small group of people with a weak immune system can now be revaccinated with a third jab against Covid-19. 

In order to be offered a third jab, you must be in an active course of treatment at a hospital department for one of the diseases/conditions below. If you are, your doctor at the hospital will refer you for vaccination. Your general practitioner cannot refer you.

When you have been referred, you will receive information about the revaccination (booster) in your e-Boks. If you do not have an e-Boks, you will receive a letter by post. 

When you have received your invitation, you can go to to book an appointment for your third jab. You can also go to a vaccination centre without booking an appointment. Another option is to be vaccinated at the hospital, where you are receiving treatment. Ask how this works at your hospital.

Diseases/conditions which qualify for a third vaccination

  • Acute leukaemia or chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia
  • Myelodysplastic syndrome
  • Chronic lymphatic leukaemia
  • Myelomatosis
  • Lymphoma
  • Myelofibrosis
  • Aplastic anaemia
  • T-cell large granular leukaemia
  • Allogeneic bone marrow transplant
  • Primary immunodeficiency
  • HIV infection with pronounced immune deficiency (CD4 < 200)
  • Cancer with active chemotherapy in 2021 (persons who have only received radiotherapy or other active anticancer treatment are therefore not included).
  • Treatment with one of the following medicines in 2021:
    • Rituximab (treatment within six months before 1st COVID-19 jab)
    • Ocrelizumab (treatment within six months before 1st COVID-19 jab)
    • Alemtuzumab
    • ATG
    • Ciclosporin
    • Tacrolimus
    • Mycophenolate
    • Immunoglobulin substitution
    • Sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor inhibitors
  • Transplant, including organ transplant, bone marrow transplant, stem cell transplant and artificial heart pump
  • Stem cell transplant. A full new vaccination regime is available, i.e. two doses of mRNA vaccine, for these patients two-three months after the stem cell transplant.
  • Hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis

Corona passport after vaccination

If you have NemID, you can download your corona passport at or use the "Coronapas" app available in App Store and in Google Play. 

Citizens exempt from receiving digital post will automatically receive a corona passport in the post after their vaccination. 

You can also order a physical corona passport after vaccination by calling at tel. +45 44 22 77 74. 

Are there errors in the registration of your vaccination?

If there are errors in the registration of your vaccination, try the following:

  1. Log on to with your NemID, and check whether your vaccinations have been registered with the correct dates.

  2. If your vaccinations are properly registered at, but they are still incorrect in the two apps "MinSundhed" and "Coronapas", try uninstalling and reinstalling the relevant app. 

You need to state the following:

  • Civil registration number (CPR number)
  • Time and place of your vaccination (Name of vaccination centre or name and address of medical health centre)  
  • The vaccines you have received (Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca)

Vaccination of pregnant and breastfeeding persons

Pregnant and breastfeeding persons can be vaccinated against Covid-19.

The Danish Health Authority recommends vaccination for pregnant persons in the 2nd or 3rd trimester. Breastfeeding persons can be vaccinated immediately. 

Vaccination is voluntary and free of charge.

The Danish Health Authority's recommendation is based on a professional assessment following scientific studies, data on the effectiveness of the vaccines and any side effects from them, and advice from experts.

According to the Danish Health Authority, the vaccines used in the Danish vaccination programme from Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna offer the same protection for pregnant and breastfeeding persons as they do for other people.

The Danish Health Authority also states that no increased risk of miscarriages, deformities or premature birth has been seen in people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Pregnant and breastfeeding persons may have the same side effects as others after vaccination. In the vast majority of cases, the side effects are mild. These mild side effects can be fatigue, headaches and fever, and typically last a couple of days. Allergic reactions may occur in rare cases.

If you have any questions about vaccination of pregnant or breastfeeding persons

  • Contact your general practitioner

  • Call the national corona hotline on +45 70 20 02 33

See also the Danish Health Authority's booklet: 

Vaccination of young people under the age of 18

12-14 year olds 

If you are under the age of 15, your invitation will have been sent to your parents. Your parents can book an appointment for your vaccination. Once a week, all children who have turned 12 within the past week will receive an invitation. However, children can be vaccinated from the day they turn 12, even if they have not received an invitation. 

NB: Children under 15 years must have a parent or a guardian with them when they are vaccinated.

15-17 year olds

All 15-18 year olds have received an invitation in their e-Boks.

If you are under 18, your parents (or the person(s) who has/have custody of you) will receive a copy of your invitation to vaccination. 

Vaccination against Covid-19 is voluntary and free of charge. The decision to get vaccinated is therefore entirely your own. 

The Danish Health Authority recommends that you talk to your parents before you decide to get vaccinated. If you show up alone for the vaccination, you may be asked if you have spoken to your parents.

Do you have any questions or need help?

Do you have general questions about vaccination?

If you cannot find the answer to your question there, call the corona hotline on (+45) 70 20 02 33 - then press 1.

Do you need to book or change your vaccination appointment, but you do not have NemID?

Call the Capital Region of Denmark's corona hotline on (+45) 38 66 00 00

Opening hours: Weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00
Weekends and public holidays from 8:00 to 16:00
Waiting time on the telephone is often shortest in the afternoon

The phone number can also be used by citizens with NemID who have difficulties booking or changing appointments on

NOTE: The corona hotline is unable help if there are no available time slots on

Waiting time on corona hotline

You can ask us to call you back rather than waiting in line. 

Do you have any health-related questions?

Contact your general practitioner if you have questions regarding your own
situation – for example, if you are in doubt as to whether you can tolerate the vaccine.

Vaccination of Danish expatriates and foreigners

For people without a civil registration number (CPR number) 

In order to be vaccinated you must: 
  • have been in Denmark for more than 14 days, and
  • intend to stay in Denmark for a total of more than 30 days. 
Note: The primary purpose of your stay must not be to get a vaccination.

You can be vaccinated in all of the Capital Region's vaccination centres without making an appointment. Citizens without a civil registration number (CPR number) cannot make an appointment for vaccination in advance. 

Remember a photo ID

If you don’t have a photo ID, you cannot be vaccinated. Therefore, remember your ID or other proof of identity with a photo, e.g. your passport. If you are an EU citizen, you should also take your EU health insurance card.

Vaccine passport

After you are fully vaccinated, you will receive an international vaccination card as documentation. 

For people with a civil registration number (CPR number) but without NemID 

You can be vaccinated without an appointment in all of the Capital Region's vaccination centres. Therefore, you do not have to make an appointment for your vaccination.  

If you want to make an appointment and you have a civil registration number but you don’t have NemID, you can book an appointment by phone on +45 38 66 00 00. 

Number of completed vaccinations in the Capital Region of Denmark

Statens Serum Institut (SSI) publishes daily updates of developments in the number of vaccinations in Denmark. 

You can also see an up-to-date statement of the number of vaccinations in the Capital Region of Denmark.

You can find guidelines for the vaccination updates – also known as "SSI's interactive vaccination dashboard" – on SSI's website.

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