Vaccination against Covid-19

​You will receive a message in your e-Boks when it is time for you to be vaccinated. You CANNOT book an appointment for vaccination before you receive the message.

​When you receive the message in your e-Boks

The Danish Health Authority has decided the order in which people are to be vaccinated, and the authority will notify you via your e-Boks when it is your turn. 

If you are not registered to receive digital post, you will be notified by conventional letter. 

When will it be my turn?

All individuals over the age of 16 will be offered a vaccination against Covid-19 at some time in 2021. Vaccination is free of charge and voluntary.  

The first groups to be offered a vaccination will be:

  • Residents in care homes

  • Selected people with disabilities and diseases that entail a particularly high risk of becoming seriously ill with Covid-19 

  • Selected health and nursing staff, and staff in the social sector with close contact to the public or patients who are at increased risk of infection, and who perform critical functions
As Denmark has only received a small proportion of the vaccines we need, there is still no final timetable for when the various groups can be vaccinated. You will receive a message in your e-Boks or in a letter stating when you can arrange an appointment.

Questions about vaccination against Covid-19

If you cannot find the answer to your question there, call the corona hotline on (+ 45) 70 20 02 33 - then press 1.

List of Covid-19 vaccine centres 

NOTE: You cannot book an appointment until you have received the message in your e-Boks or in a letter.

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