Enhanced growth conditions in the Capital Region of Denmark

The Danish government and the Growth Forum of the Capital City are entering into a partnership agreement which will ensure growth in the capital region.

Focus on growth opportunities

In this agreement, special focus is on growth opportunities within creative businesses and design, welfare technology, cleantech as well as the development of new enterprises.

Exploits positions of strength

“I’m very concerned that we exploit the strengths of Danish businesses to create more growth and employment in Denmark,” said Annette Vilhelmsen (Socialist People's Party), Minister for Business and Growth.

"Therefore I’m extremely pleased with today’s agreement, which continues our work with growth plans within health and welfare technology and design,” said Annette Vilhelmsen.

Denmark to host design event

“We will look into the possibilities of putting Denmark in a position to host the World Design Capital, so we can strengthen Denmark’s position as a growth centre for architecture, fashion and design, and exploit the increasing international demand for designer goods,” said Anette Vilhelmsen.

Strengthens the work of the Growth Forum of the Capital City

“The capital region is competing with other metropolitan regions to attract growth enterprises, investment and tourists,” said Vibeke Storm Rasmussen (Danish Social Democrats), Chairman of the Growth Forum and Chairman of the Regional Council.

"Today’s agreement will ensure common focus and enhance work by the Growth Forum of the Capital City on creating an international metropolis based on sustainable growth, world-class knowledge and high quality of life for all citizens,” said Vibeke Storm Rasmussen.

Alliances will benefit all parties

“As large public enterprises responsible for hospitals, nursing and care, the Capital Region of Denmark and the municipalities in the region are a strong catalyst for innovation and development of new products and technologies for the public, enterprises as well as patients,” said Vibeke Storm Rasmussen.

"Telemedicine, wastewater management and new opportunities for developing new equipment and technology in the wake of the region’s hospital construction projects totalling DKK 15 bn. are specific examples of areas in which several strong public-private alliances will benefit all parties,” said Vibeke Storm Rasmussen.

Massive investment

“Denmark will be making massive investments into infrastructure in the years to come,” said Carsten Hansen (Danish Social Democrats), Minister for Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs.

In the Capital Region of Denmark, investments will be made in metro and hospital construction, and there are possibilities in the future Fehmarn Belt connection,” said Carsten Hansen.

Strengthens businesses and education

“With the growth partnership, we entered into an agreement on strengthening the correlation between business promotion, education and employment efforts on 22 May 2013 to ensure that our investments into infrastructure and business development will benefit as many people as possible,” said Carsten Hansen.

Need for more welfare technology

“In line with the fact that we are living longer and that the Danish population is becoming older, the occurrence of lifestyle diseases and chronic disorders is increasing,” said Astrid Krag (Socialist People's Party), Minister for Health.

"This development increases the demand for health and welfare technology, which can improve the quality of patient treatment and optimise work in the healthcare system,” said Astrid Krag.

Chronic patients and the elderly will benefit the most

“Therefore, I’m very pleased that by focusing on market development and intelligent public demand, this agreement can stimulate growth and job creation in Denmark by demanding products and solutions which will benefit chronic patients and the elderly in particular,” said Astrid Krag.


  • Søren Møller Nielsen, Press Secretary, Ministry of Business and Growth, mobile: +45 22 44 50 60
  • Thomas Bille Vinkel, Press Officer, Ministry of Health, mobile: +45 40 91 98 78
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  • Growth Forum of the Capital City, Public Relations in the Capital Region of Denmark, tel.: +45 70 20 95 88
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