Regional innovation strategy yields results

Significant increase in business collaboration in the Capital Region of Denmark.

Clean water and hospitalbeds

Wastewater treatment for harmful medicines, easy-to-clean hospital beds, and sensory delivery rooms in maternity departments with colourful lighting, soothing background sound and lively pictures:

Public-private innovation for DKK 250 million

These are just three of the 63 projects currently in progress and in which the Capital Region of Denmark is working with more than 100 private businesses.

Since the Capital Region of Denmark turned its focus to innovation by setting up the Centre for Health Innovation in 2009, the number of projects has more than tripled so that now public-private innovation projects amount to a value of almost DKK 250 million.

Public-private innovation solves problems and creates jobs

Lars Gaardhøj (S), chairman of the Committee for Climate and Green-Growth at the Capital Region of Denmark, is extremely pleased about this:

"As a large workplace, we consider it our duty to establish innovative partnerships. Through these we can solve specific problems for the public and for our personnel, while at the same time creating jobs and improving Danish export opportunities," said Lars Gaardhøj.

The health services are a fertile base for collaboration

The majority of the projects are within the health services, but there is also an increasing desire to collaborate in the environment area and in the current hospital construction projects in the region. And there are new projects on the drawing board said Lars Gaardhøj:

New knowledge center and take-out for cancer patients on the way

"We have also earmarked money in our 2014 budget for a knowledge centre on aids and devices for the disabled, which will entail collaboration with universities and private businesses. Moreover, with its base at Herlev Hospital, we will design a service concept for delivering meals to cancer patients.

New action plan adopted at the last regional council meeting

On 17 December, the Capital Region of Denmark Regional Council will decide on an action plan for 2014 and 2015 which will cement the ambitions in the region's innovation policy adopted a year ago.

Managers and employees need to spot the obvious public-private innovation projects

One of the objectives is to inspire managers and employees in the region to keep an eye open for how, with help from private businesses, even more good ideas from their department can be converted into specific initiatives to benefit patients and their families.

For more information please contact:

  • Lars Gaardhøj (S), chairman of the Committee for the Environment and Green Growth, mobile phone: +45 28 92 25 98

Other members of the Committee for the Environment and Green Growth:

  • Lise Rask (S) – mobile phone: +45 26 74 73 07
  • Abbas Razvi (R) – mobile phone: +45 26 89 94 82
  • Ole Søbæk (K) – mobile phone: +45 51 15 50 01
  • Ellen Thrane (SF) – mobile phone: +45 26 27 83 29
  • Henrik Thorup (DF) – tel: +45 39 76 04 89
  • Bent Larsen (V), mobile phone: +45 25 35 24 24
  • Per Roswall (V), tel: +45 48 31 89 87
  • Susanne Langer (E) – mobile phone: +45 24 64 73 11
  • Public Relations in the Capital Region of Denmark, telephone: +45 70 20 95 88
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