Vaccinations close to where people live: Citizens can get a vaccination at their GP, your pharmacy or at a vaccination centre

Residents at care centres and people aged 85 and older are now getting their COVID-19 shot. From 1 October, citizens can get their COVID-19, flu and pneumococcal vaccinations at vaccination centres, pharmacies and general practitioners in the Capital Region of Denmark.  

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Autumn is upon us, and the weather is getting colder. This marks the launch of the national vaccination programme to prepare Denmark for the cold season, when more people will be infected with COVID-19 and seasonal flu.

The first residents at care centres, and the first citizens aged 85 or older, received their COVID-19 vaccines in mid-September, and now around 5,500 elderly people have received their fourth jab.

Soon, even more people will be getting their jab, and Regional Council Chair Lars Gaardhøj (Social Democrats) is pleased to see that - as in previous years - the public has plenty of vaccination stations to choose from. This means that everyone has easy and convenient access to a vaccination.  ​

“It's important that people can be vaccinated close to where they live. I'm therefore delighted that we've teamed up with general practitioners and pharmacies to offer people vaccines at locations across the Capital Region of Denmark," he said, and continued:

“Besides this, from October, we're offering a total vaccination service, so that eligible citizens can get several different vaccinations at the same time. This is a really good service, and I hope the service will make vaccination easy and convenient for everyone who wants one," said Lars Gaardhøj. 

Several vaccinations at the same time 

 From 1 October, everyone aged 50 and older will be offered a COVID-19 vaccine, and everyone aged 65 and older will also be offered a flu vaccine and, if relevant, a pneumococcal vaccine, which is given every six years. Furthermore, other groups will be offered vaccines, including pregnant women, certain healthcare staff, and more. Citizens who are offered more than one type of vaccine have the option of getting all the vaccines at once.

Elderly citizens can already be vaccinated against COVID-19 at vaccination centres and at general practitioners. 

"Many people find it more convenient to book a vaccination appointment at their general practitioner's, so more than 500 of our clinics offer vaccines," said Peder Reistad, chair of the Danish Medical Association for the Capital Region.

From October, it will also be possible to get your vaccines at pharmacies. Around 80 pharmacies across all municipalities in the region will be offering vaccinations.

"It has been possible to get the seasonal flu shot at pharmacies since 2015, so the pharmacies' vaccine staff have extensive experience with administering vaccines. In addition to patient safety, we take care to monitor the number of vaccines administered at pharmacies on a daily basis, so that we avoid wastage of resources, and so that we are ready and able to offer vaccines locally and conveniently to the public," said Jesper Gulev Larsen, chair of the Association of Danish Pharmacies. ​

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  • Citizens can get vaccinated in one of the region's five vaccination centres.
  • More than 500 medical practices offer vaccinations. 
  • Around 80 pharmacies offer vaccinations on a walk-in basis without the need to book an appointment.
  • Eligible people can get the COVID-19, flu and pneumococcal vaccines at the same time at vaccination centres, their general practitioner's and at pharmacies.
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