Waiting times still falling for acute patients in the Capital region

On average, patients wait for 38 minutes to receive treatment at the Region's emergency departments.

Waiting times are 18 minutes shorter than in 2011

Injured or acutely ill patients are now on average treated 18 minutes faster at the Region's emergency departments compared with 2011. This is a key message in a new report presented to the Committee for Quality in the Capital Region of Denmark.

Fifty percent of the least ill patients are treated within the hour

According to the report, the region's hospitals fulfil their service goal of treating 50% of all the least ill and least injured patients within the hour.

Committee chairperson pleased by the development

Ninety-five percent of same-type patients must be treated within four hours. All hospitals meet or are close to meeting this service goal, and Kirsten Lee (Danish Social-Liberal Party), Chairperson for the Committee for Quality is pleased.

Ambitions of even shorter waiting times

"Stories about long waiting times in the summer of 2011 motivated us to introduce a number of new initiatives and allocate more resources to emergency departments - citizens are now enjoying the benefits of these initiatives. But we're not done yet. We have received reports describing situations where patients who required more acute treatment were not treated fast enough. The reports show that patients were treated correctly, but that hospitals can be even better at making correct diagnoses of patients and commencing treatment in due time", said Kirsten Lee.

Shorter waiting time due to more staffing and new work processes

Since 2011, the Capital Region of Denmark has increased its staffing at emergency departments, and has established "fast tracks" for treatment of minor injuries. In addition, all patients are now registered and triaged similarly in the entire region.

More resources may be on the way

On 18 June, the Regional Council is to decide on further expansion of staffing in emergency departments during night hours and weekends.

In 2012, a total of 330,598 in-patients were treated at the Region's emergency departments.

For further information, please contact the members of the Committee for Quality:

  • Kirsten Lee (Danish Social-Liberal Party), Chairperson, tel: +45 20 20 11 56
  • Thor Grønlykke (Danish Social Democrats), tel: (+45) 27 60 14 30
  • Karin Dubin (Danish Social Democrats), tel: (+45) 51 5149 98
  • Maja Holt Højgaard (Danish Social Democrats), tel: (+45) 27 24 38 04
  • Karsten Skawbo-Jensen (Conservative People’s Party), tel: (+45) 51 31 69 36
  • Jannie Hjerpe (Socialist People's Party), tel: (+45) 13 17 46
  • Kenneth Kristensen Berth (Danish People's Party), tel: (+45) 22 27 51 74
  • Michael Lange (Denmark's Liberal Party), tel: (+45) 21 20 90 91
  • Bent Larsen (Denmark's Liberal Party), tel: (+45) 25 35 24 24
  • Public Relations, Capital Region of Denmark (+45) 70 20 95 88
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