Greater Copenhagen EU Office

The Capital Region of Denmark is part of the Greater Copenhagen EU Office which is the joint EU research office of the University of Copenhagen, the Technical University of Denmark and the Capital Region of Denmark. Greater Copenhagen EU Office seeks to optimise the partners’ influence on EU research activities.          

Regi​onal research office

The purpose of Greater Copenhagen EU Office in Brussels is to enhance the influence of its three partners in the European research area. In particular we help our researchers with the EU framework programmed for research and innovation. Greater Copenhagen EU Office uses its location in Brussels to develop new networks and build on existing networks, to get access to information and to raise the profile of the partners. Greater Copenhagen EU Office also provides its partners with an extensive information service covering EU matters, including opportunities and policies.

We constantly seek to develop our network with other players represented in Brussels and liaise with European Union institutions. Greater Copenhagen EU Office is an active member of ERRIN (European Regions Research and Innovation Network) which represents more than 90 regional representations in Brussels and the IGLO extended network as well as the Danish regional partnership, DAcoB.

Greater Copenhagen EU Office is registered in the EU’s transparency register. 

Greater Copenhagen EU Office tasks

The main tasks include promotion of research priorities, public policy work and information services. 

Promoti​​​ng research ideas

The most important task is to help and advise researchers from the three partners on how to get involved in the forthcoming framework programmed for research and innovation; Horizon 2020. We are concentrating our work on selected strategic areas with a h4 competence base among the partners, sincere commitment and clear links to the EU research or policy agenda. Additionally, Greater Copenhagen EU Office has a portfolio of projects that aim at facilitating funding opportunities in the short or mid-term. 

Providing a platform​ for the partners in Brussels

Greater Copenhagen EU Office also promotes the awareness of its partners in Europe by organizing various types of Brussels-based events e.g. seminars, workshops and conferences. We often co-operate on such events with strategic international partners and other regional and research offices in Brussels.

Specific research areas can also be promoted through EU-oriented media. Therefore, Greater Copenhagen EU Office provides advice on how to gain media visibility and we can facilitate contact to professional media advisers specialized in EU affairs. 

Integrated org​​​​​anization

Greater Copenhagen EU Office cooperates closely with the EU/support offices of each of the three partner institutions. These offices are involved in all lobbying projects. This enables our organization to provide an integrated and well coordinated service for researchers that covers lobbying, advice concerning proposal writing, financial and legal issues. 

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