Finance and Funding

The Financial Team helps researchers in the Capital Region to apply for external funding for research and innovation projects.

Consults throughout the entire application process

The Financial Team provides counselling on non-technical aspects related to research applications. This may be:

  • Identification of sources of finance of interest to the specific project.
  • General information on e.g. national research councils and foreign foundations.
  • Specialist knowledge about the EU, National Institute of Health (NIH) and their programs.
  • Non-technical questions relating to research funding.
  • Assist in developing ideas for specific projects.

Financial planning

After discussing and determining your academic ambitions, you can contact the CIR. We will help you clarify what is required to meet your ambitions: what are your current resources and in what context are you working? We will help you clarify your ambitions, provide you with specific tools and pinpoint the pitfalls.

You will receive the best counselling if you contact us early in the application process. You can get counselling from us whether you are seeking funding from Danish or international programs.

Our counselling is free and if a personal meeting is needed, we will come to you.

Help for ​​self-help

As we cannot make time for all queries, we have developed a number of tools. Unfortunately these are still only available in Danish:

  • We have a funding database with more than 600 entries (searches may be in English but most of the results will be in Danish)
  • We have developed a tool box with contents for the different parts of an application and other advice
  • Our monthly newsletter has updates with the most important application deadlines and news from the world of research
    3-4 times per annum the CIR holds a workshop on the “Good Application”.
  • Unfortunately, so far there has not been sufficient support to do a workshop in English. ​​
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