Contracts and collaboration agreements

Employed by the Capital Region of Denmark, Research and Innovation is available to help draw up contracts and collaboration agreements with external partners.

​The Legal Team

Research and Innovation's legal experts can assist with completing and negotiating contracts free of charge. Contracts help ensure that all conditions and guidelines for the collaboration have been recorded in writing, just as they can be used subsequently in the event of any disagreements or disputes.

For employees

Capital Region of Denmark employees are required to have Research and Innovation review any contracts with partners before signing them. If this does not occur, the contract may be considered null and void.

Protecting your rights 

Research and Innovation will take any necessary steps to protect your interests in a legal context in the quickest, best way possible. That’s why our goal is to process incoming contracts within 14 days. We ensure your rights and those of the organisation and department in terms of, for example: 

  • Publication rights
  • Using results in further internal research
  • No personal liability
  • Applicable legislation and governing jurisdiction (choice of court of law)

Types of agreements for external partners

As an enterprise, if you have legal questions on collaboration with the Capital Region of Denmark, please contact the Legal Team, where legal advisers provide guidance and negotiate the following types of contracts on behalf of Capital Region of Denmark employees:

  • Clinical trial agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements/non-disclosure agreements
  • Sub-site agreements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Material transfer agreements
  • Consultancy contracts
  • Agreements with the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation
  • Advance transfer of patent rights
  • Agreements on PhD scholarships and professorships
  • Collaboration agreements on public-private innovation

Standard clinical trial agreements 

The five Danish Regions, all of which can facilitate clinical trials in Denmark, have three approved standard agreements available for enterprises.

Using standard agreements is voluntary but doing so helps ensure a quicker, smoother initial phase because obtaining approval from the Capital Region’s legal advisers merely becomes a formality.

Standard agreements cover these three areas:

Technology transfer

The University of Copenhagen’s (UCPH) Tech Transfer Office is responsible for the commercial aspects of collaborations, including:

  • Ensuring optimal conditions for collaboration between universities and external partners, including negotiating all agreements on the universities’ intellectual property rights (IPR)
  • Protecting and handling UCPH’s IPR
  • Assessing the commercial potential of research results
  • Commercialising research results

Read more about Tech Transfer Office at UCPH site

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