Healthcare Innovation Lab

Healthcare Innovation Lab is a public/private sector innovation partnership, encompassing 26 Danish partners in a multi-disciplinary set-up that creates a dynamic and innovative field of tension between the clinic, business, researchers, patient associations and innovators.


The Danish healthcare system is facing major challenges as regards delivering quality services to the country’s citizens on time. At the same time, the number of treatments for all patient groups is growing. The increasing economic pressure is making it necessary to come up with
efficient and resource-saving solutions, yet without losing the focus on patients.

This requires new solution models for the way in which the healthcare sector, including the hospitals, can work innovatively in the future in close co-operation with business, researchers and patients.

The Health​​care Innov​ation Lab project

Through three demonstration projects (The Outpatient Clinic of the Future, Mobile Blood Testing and Telemedicine – Distance Treatment), Healthcare Innovation Lab has developed a unique set of methods that combine simulation with user-driven innovation.

These methods help to create a dynamic and effective platform, where it is possible to develop and test new solutions “on site” relatively quickly.

Publication and cases

As part of Healthcare Innovation Lab we have made a series of publications including text, photos and models detailing our experiences and results, both concerning the project overall and the three individual demonstration projects. The publications are as follows:

Healthcare Inno​vation Lab - User-driven healthcare innovation via simulation in the fields of construction, product development and services​ (50 pages in English, describing the overall project and the many experiences we have made)

The outpatient clinic of the future
Mobile blood test results
Telemedicine - remote treatment
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