House of Patients (Train your way home)

Specific and innovative tools for empowerment of patients with more than one diagnosis.


Train your way home!
"Train your way home" is one of several concepts developed in the House of Patients project. In the House of Patients project, hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark, businesses, patients, relatives and design and innovation consultants have worked together on tools for empowerment of patients.


Many patients are given a passive and inactive role during admission. This may deteriorate their physical condition and general health. Scientific studies show that many patients with more than one diagnosis are inadvertently inflicted with specific health problems by being inactive during their admission. In addition, patients do not receive individual help and support to maintain or improve their physical condition. This often leads to readmission.

Trai​​n your way home!

"Train your way home" is a service concept which enables patients to deal with and take responsibility for strengthening their body physically during admission. Train your way home takes into account the patient’s fluctuating levels of energy and offers easy access to motivating, individual exercises as well as innovative exercising and training facilities. Patients and relatives are inspired and stimulated through positive experiences to continue training after discharge.


Patients can follow their own development and progress. The inviting environment reminds patients, relatives and health staff of movement and exercise.

Sense of​​ security:

The patients become familiar with the individually tailored exercises they are taught during admission.

Own c​ontrol and insight:

Individually tailored exercises based on the individual’s needs and access to own data.


Activity and movement become a natural part of the admission.

Wha​​t is "Train your way home" concept, and what does it offer?

  • Interactive training and exercise functions in which surfaces, flooring, walls and ceilings have several functions.
  • Personally tailored training via a computer screen at the hospital or at home.
  • Automatic feedback on exercises and adjustment of exercise level on the basis of training.
  • Overview of own development and progress

A PPI-Lab p​roject

The House of Patients has created concepts supporting patients with more than one illness to better manage their health, to increase their quality of life and to reduce the total use of hospital services. The point of departure is patients from the diagnosis groups prostate cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and patients in dialysis. In addition to Train your way home, the House of Patients has developed a concept for nutrition - App'tising Meals

​​The House of Patients is one out of five regionally rooted demonstration projects in PPI-Lab. The PPI-Lab laboratory for public-private innovation and welfare technology focuses on public-private innovation across regions, municipalities and businesses.

The public-private innovation collaboration adds value to private businesses, as these are provided access to and knowledge about the needs of users in relation to departments and patients, as well as knowledge about specific areas and how they are organised in the public sector.
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