App for a coherent procedure for young people with diabetes



The project aims to develop an up-to-date, easy to use app for young people with diabetes who are moving from the children’s to the adult department. The app can support a coherent procedure by providing a summary of the handover and answers to the young person’s questions and passing on knowledge. 

There is a lot more to being a young person with diabetes than just being a patient


Young people trying o​ut the new app


The adolescence and young adulthood are known as a period when it is difficult for young people with diabetes to manage their illness, so their insulin needs are covered while they get on with growing up with the minimum of disruption.

Two out of three of them have long-term raised blood sugar levels. This can create serious problems, in both the short and the long term, with ketoacidosis and acute hospitalization to hospital, as well as problems with vision, kidneys, heart and blood clots later in life.


This is a public-private innovation partnership between Nordsjællands Hospital, Herlev Hospital, Steno and the IT firm Mobile Fitness. Rigshospitalet is acting as sparring partner. The project is being put together with young people who are right in the transitional phase, and with their families.


  • Development and test of the first (beta) version of an app to give young people with diabetes an overview of their own illness and treatment when they move from the children’s to the adult department.​​​

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