App helps people with depression

In close collaboration with the Capital Region of Denmark - Psychiatry and the Centre for Innovation and Research (CIR), two entrepreneurs have developed an App which provides mental health patients with better insight into their disease and effective help to receive the best possible treatment.


People suffering from depression often lack motivation and have difficulties structuring their everyday life. They easily lose control. The new App, Daybuilder, helps these people to create and maintain perspective, and this is not only good news for the depressed citizens, but also for treatment providers.

The App helps the citizen suffering from depression to record various factors critical to the well-being of a psychiatric patient, such as mood, sleep, appetite, stress, medicine and exercise. A graph will show the relationship between behaviour and mood. The user can choose whether he/she wants to share this information with other people. This could be family, friends or a treatment provider.

Enthu​​siastic Consultant

Klaus Martiny, PhD and Consultant at the intensive affective clinic at the Mental Health Services Centre Copenhagen, is enthusiastic about the possibilities offered by Daybuilder in respect of treatment:

“I can get a better understanding of the patient's actual everyday life. Often patients do not remember exactly how they feel every day and what they do, and this can create doubts about their condition and which treatment is best for them. This App simply helps them gain a better perspective on their own condition. I will also be able to use the information from my patients' App for research, e.g. in respect of patients' sleep rhythm, which is an area currently receiving great attention in the mental health services,” said Klaus Martiny.

This means that the App can help facilitate treatment courses for all parties involved and help patients to a quicker recovery.

Succ​​​​​essful collaboration between the public and private sectors

The new App was developed through a new type of collaboration between public and private enterprises under the Centre for Innovation and Research at the Capital Region of Denmark. This collaboration is called the Healthcare Innovation Lab. Lasse Benn Nørregaard and Philip Løventoft, developers and partners in Daybuilder talk about the process:

"The development of Daybuilder really gained momentum when we entered into collaboration with the Centre for Innovation and Research. We got a lot of important contacts among the healthcare staff, and this really opened doors for us. We have followed consultations at Rigshospitalet and gained an insight into the IT challenges that can cause problems for the healthcare staff in a treatment course. This meant that we were able to develop and evaluate a prototype much more quickly," said Lasse Benn Nørregaard.

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