Backtrack - preventive self-monitoring



The BackTrack concept comprises an application and a training belt for home exercising and monitoring of back patients. 

The BackTrack concept – the patient is helped to perform back exercises in the form of a training belt that provides feedback via a tablet computer.

WHY​​? ​

Back pain is one of the most frequent causes of reduced capacity and absence from work, and up to 35 per cent of the adult Danish population are affected by either back-related illness or back pain.

This is a major problem for the individual and causes around two million working days to be lost every year. The National Institute of Public Health estimates that this costs society some DKK 12.1 billion a year in the form of training, rehabilitation and surgical costs.

Patients can arrange online consultations with their physiotherapist, who can see on a screen how the patient is performing the exercises.

The training belt gives the patient visual feedback on whether the exercises are being performed correctly.


The project is being run as a public-private innovation partnership between back patients, Nordsjællands Hospital, Gentofte Hospital, Mobile Fitness a/s, Welfare Solutions ApS and DELTA, and the Capital Region of Denmark.


  • Development of a back training concept that uses an application on a tablet computer to give patients access to training videos from their exercise programme, an exercise calendar, online diary, status report and data summary. The patient can exercise at home with a training belt connected to the application.
  • BackTrack has been tested on a number of back patients, who all say that the solution increases their motivation to do the necessary exercise.​

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