Better monitoring and oxygen regulation in copd patients



The project, called “O2matic”, aims to test and develop an oxygen robot for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The robot should help to maintain the right oxygen level.

The project aims to optimise current methods of oxygen treatment


COPD is the most frequent reason for admission to hospitals’ medical departments. The monitoring and treatment of hospitalised COPD patients can be made safer and more effective  for the patients, and less resource-intensive for the nursing staff.

Oxygen treatment is the key when COPD patients notice a deterioration in their condition, but they are often oxygen-sensitive and an overdose may cause further deterioration. That is why an oxygen robot is needed.


This is a public-private innovation partnership. The “O2matic” project involves the IT company Pactor A/S, The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Electro Engineering and specialist healthcare staff from the Pulmonary Departments
at Hvidovre Hospital, Gentofte Hospital and Herlev Hospital.


  • Requirements specification for an oxygen robot that can automatically regulate the oxygen supply.
  • Functional prototype, tested on a number of users.

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