CT innovation unit

New, innovative cooperation in the radiology department



Siemens and the Capital Region of Denmark have jointly placed a high-end CT scanner in the Radiology Department at Herlev Hospital.

The Radiology Department is allowing Siemens to draw on the knowledge of staff and users re​lating to workflows, patient needs, etc., and together the partners are prototyping, testing and optimizing new and improved solutions in the clinical setting for the patients.

The newly acquired CT scanner


Advanced healthcare technology is often developed far away from the day-today clinical environment, without any direct involvement of users or patients. A continuous and targeted innovation partnership in the clinical environment will support effective technical development, the testing of new technology and development of better methods, all focusing on the treatment process and the patient.

The department’s aim is to find out what works, and to enable patients to benefit as quickly as possible.


This is a public-private innovation partnership. The innovation unit includes participants from the Radiology Department, Herlev Hospital, Siemens and the Metropolitan University College.

Stakeholders from the Capital Region of Denmark and other organisations and private companies that express an interest in the project are also invited on a regular basis.


  • The CT innovation unit has been established in new physical surroundings, and an efficient workflow and a positive patient experience are built into both the layout and the design.
  • A new contrast pump technology has been tested, and the results show potential efficiency gains with CT scanning of 5–10 per cent.
  • The plan is to develop a mobile platform for patient involvement and information, as this is a key part of the ongoing evaluation.​

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