Electronic solution to diagnosing growth data in children



The aim of the project is to develop a better and more economical diagnostic process, and to promote dialogue between patients, the primary healthcare sector and specialists in children’s growth and development.

This will be ​​done as follows:

  • Better assessment of children’s growth by the use of up-to-date electronic growth curves.
  • Easily accessible expert opinions.
  • Better prediction of final height, based on bone age identification.
  • Hormone test results presented and exchanged graphically.
  • Proposals for advice and follow-up of treatment sent to doctors electronically.


There is a need to reduce the number of unnecessary referrals, promote a faster and better way of identifying children who need expert examination and treatment, and reinforce
the compliance of children undergoing treatment.

Illustration of graph showing growth data for children


This is a public-private innovation partnership. The project involves Rigshospitalet and the Capital Region of Denmark’s IT department, along with the companies PC PAL and Visiana.


  • The project is expected to integrate both technical and clinical needs, demands and workflows, and the needs of patients and their families.
  • Development of an interactive electronic platform for improved integration of complex growth data, growth hormone values and X-rays of growth areas.​

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