Food 'n' go

– support for increased food intake and physical activity with the aid of technology



Food ’n’ Go is a practical innovation project that combines existing and newly developed technology, such as apps for smartphones and tablet computers, with mobile and stationary sensors.

These are used to record food intake and motivate the patient to eat more and do more physical activity – with the help of the patient’s family and friends. It also supports the efforts and skills of the staff.

Elderly people need a different diet. Malnutrition results in reduced resistance and muscle mass, disability, increased fatigue and risk of depression.


Vulnerable patients, particularly elderly, find it a
challenge to eat enough and get sufficient exercise when they are in hospital. The same is true when they are discharged and go back home. Physical activity and nutrition are important elements in regaining strength after an illness.


This is a public-private innovation partnership. The project is a collaboration between Herlev Hospital and the IT firm Tachista.

Two different user groups are also taking part: elderly medical patients and outpatients. In both groups, the patients’ family and friends are also involved.

Mobilisation of the weak elderly patient in the hospital


  • Design, development and testing of an IT-based prototype that can be used both in hospital and at home.

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