Hand hygiene for children up to five years old



The hand hygiene project will contribute to new solutions that can help to teach children in the under-five age group better hand hygiene. The project focuses on children admitted to hospital.

The project focuses on hand hygiene for children from two to five years of age who have been admitted to hospital.

Among other things, the children should learn to wash their hands when they have wiped their noses.

The hand hygiene initiative is intended to help change the behaviour of the youngest patients in terms of washing their hands every time they:
  • are about to eat
  • have been to the toilet
  • have wiped their noses
  • have visible dirt on their hands
  • have touched wounds or plasters


Good hand hygiene is one of the most important factors in preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses among patients. Many patients and their families do not necessarily think of themselves as potential carriers of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
Good hand hygiene helps to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses


Egmont, which is one of the leading media groups in northern Europe, has entered into a public-private innovation partnership with the Capital Region of Denmark.


  • Idea and conceptual development for a new product and/or a new process to bring about better hand hygiene.
  • Preparation and testing of prototypes that can be developed further.
  • An increased focus on, and improvement of, hand hygiene in children up to the age of five admitted to hospital.

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