Healthcare Innovation Lab

– user-driven healthcare innovation



Healthcare Innovation Lab created a platform for the use of simulation as a user-driven method. Three projects used simulations in the hospital corridor used mock-ups (full-size models) to enable solutions/scenarios to be tested in close collaboration with users. 


The many challenges in the healthcare sector demand inter-disciplinary cooperation across sectors and a faster and more innovative way of developing and testing new products, services and concepts for hospitals, mental health services, etc. 


The project is being run as a public-private innovation partnership among six hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark, ten companies, two professional associations, patients’ organisations, one research institution and the Danish Institute for Medical Simulation.
​​​​​Simulation, where shoe boxes represent rooms and Duplo figures represent staff and patients.


  • Three prototypes/concepts for the Outpatient Clinic of the Future, Mobile Blood Test Results and Telemedicine.
  • Development of an intensive innovation process focusing on simulation and aimed at companies and hospital departments. The rapid innovation process has been tested on ten companies and ten hospital departments. It has been seen to add value.​​

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