Intelligent tracking of goods and medical products in hospitals



Healthcare Asset Tracking, or HAT, is a logistics project which uses radio frequency identification tags, i.e. chips, which we know from things such as key cards, to label goods and medical products for hospitals.


Hospitals expend significant resources on logistics, and there are substantial annual losses of goods and medical products. The aim of the project is to gain better control over this, while improving the flow of goods and medical products and optimising traceability within and on the way to the hospital. It will optimise workflows, give patients a better experience and improve patient safety.

The regional warehouse sends delivery vehicles with many different goods to the hospital.

  The regional pharmacy sends medicines in different packages, e.g. refrigerated medicines are sent in expanded polystyrene boxes.


This is a public-private innovation partnership. Four private companies – Munin Spot Technology, Informi GIS, Insero and Alectia – are working together with Herlev Hospital and Aalborg Hospital. 

A pressure relief mattress always comes with a pump, and the tag is placed on the pump.


  • The right goods or medical products should be in the right place at the right time.
  • Losses reduced by improved traceability, and resource consumption minimised.
  • 50 per cent reduction in the number of units in the supply chain from the Capital Region of Denmark stores to the individual hospital department.​

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