Planning and information board to provide an overview



The project aims to develop a system to provide
an overview of the tasks in a clinical department. It will also help to display the workflow within the department, so existing processes and procedures can be made clearer.
Development of a new electronic planning and information​ board


Many departments now use hand-written notes, entries on stationary computers, notes on whiteboards, etc., to share knowledge and manage the delegation of tasks. The new system
aims to provide a fast and reliable overview for the benefit of the hospital, the staff and the patients.


A solution designed to create more time to ​spend with patients…


… and encourage teamwork


This is a public-private innovation partnership.
The Medical Department at Bornholm Hospital has entered into a partnership with the Danish IT firm Pallas Informatik.


  • Development of an electronic task board. The tasks are entered into a continuous timetable, which alerts staff to current tasks and deadlines. The board has two different displays. One shows what tasks need to be solved for the patents. The other shows which staff are responsible for which tasks.
  • Visualisation and improvement of the work organisation in an intensive in-patient ward.
  • In the long term: for the board to be able to communicate with tablets, so the nursing staff can gain an overview of the tasks and enter data anywhere on the ward.​​

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