Taking and analysing blood samples at home



The project is examining ways in which patients themselves can take blood samples and get the blood analysed at home and/or somewhere other than at the hospital.

What healthcare services can actually be performed at home or outside the hospital?


Currently, a large number of patients have to make many additional visits to hospital to provide blood samples. There is a need to reduce these visits, create more patient empowerment, and reduce the hospital’s staff costs for taking and analysing blood samples. 

Manuel blood analysis


This is a public-private innovation partnership. The project includes the Capital Region of Denmark Centre for Telemedicine, healthcare professionals and patients from the Rheumatology and Endocrinology Department
at Frederiksberg/ Bispebjerg Hospital, and the Gastro Unit, Paediatric Department and Maternity Unit at Herlev Hospital. It is planned to include Siemens Healthcare in the project.


  • Conceptual specification for device and software developed on the basis of an in-depth user survey.
  • Market analysis of existing blood testing products.
  • Business case, to assess the potential for developing, selling and purchasing such a solution.​

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