The house of patients

– how to enhance self-management / patient empowerment


The House of Patients project is a public-private innovation partnership based on user involvement, which aims to create new and improved service concepts to help patients with various diagnoses to manage their health better. The selected focus areas are diet and exercise.


There has been a need to demonstrate the value of public-private innovation projects in two specific challenges to patients, their families and hospitals, including feeding patients with a lack of appetite, and exercise during and after hospitalisation. Common to both areas is a desire for more self management/ patient empowerment (to support and strengthen the patient’s own abilities and resources).


The project involves the Capital Region of Denmark, the Patient Hotels at Rigshospitalet and Herlev Hospital, and Nordsjællands Hospital. Eight private companies are also taking part. The project is part of a national public-private innovation project.


  • New business models and phased cooperation agreements between public and private partners.
  • App’tising Meals: Tabletbased solution offering individual guidance and help with dietary planning. The app also provides inspiration and stimulation to the senses in the form of images, sound and video.
  • Train your way home: The exercises can easily be performed on the ward, in the departments and all over the hospital, as floors, walls and ceilings are used for training functions. The patient can also exercise at home via a screen.


The project has created the concepts “App’tising Meals” and “Train your way home” to help patients with various diagnoses to manage their health better.


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