Welfare technology solutions for physically disabled people



The project is aimed at Jonstrupvang, which is a residential and day center​ for physically disabled people.

This institution is about to be converted into modern two-room apartments, and technological solutions for everyday needs such as opening doors, turning on the lights, opening cupboards, etc., are to be developed to help in this.

At Jonstrupvang, the motto is “Expect the inconceivable”


Jonstrupvang wants to offer users and residents the best and latest in welfare technology solutions. There is a need to increase residents’ opportunities for freedom and self-determination in their everyday lives, and various technological solutions can provide this.

The project is working on a number of ideas to meet the specific needs of residents in terms of fittings


This is a public-private innovation partnership. The project involves the companies 3DTech and E-mergency, along with the Social Enterprise in the Capital Region of Denmark and Jonstrupvang.


  • The project aims to test and find new applications for known welfare technology, such as electric wardrobes and coat racks and gadgets to pull on stockings.
  • Development of new technology to make residents’ lives less dependent on help from staff when they need to perform many of their daily tasks.​​

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