Innovation policy

The Capital Region of Denmark considers innovation as a necessary and important tool in order to develop the health services of the region and to generate regional growth. Accordingly, in 2012 the region’s innovation policy was adopted. The policy applies until 2020 and will be followed up by two-year action plans with specific initiatives.
The innovation policy of the Capital Region of Denmark and action plan 2020 aim at creating an innovation culture in region, ensure increased and faster implementation of good ideas and develop specific innovation partnerships. Innovation is about transforming a good idea to value, and therefore the region sees innovation as something new, necessary and useful.

Vision for​​ innovation measures in the Capital Region of Denmark 2020

In the Capital Region of Denmark innovation is a natural and prioritised part of operations, research and collaboration with businesses and external parties. Innovation contributes quantifiably and significantly to new, ground-breaking and effective solutions underpinning continuously high professional quality in treatment and growth in society.

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