Policy on health research

The Capital Region of Denmark considers research as a necessary and important tool in order to develop the health services of the region and to generate regional growth. Accordingly, in 2012 the region’s policy on health research was adopted. The policy applies until 2020 and will be followed up by two-year action plans with specific initiatives.
The health research of the Capital Region of Denmark is to ensure that citizens and patients are offered health services and treatments of high international quality. Development and implementation of new treatment methods and technologies in clinical practices are in focus.

Health research also helps generate growth in the bio-health sector which means that the bio-health cluster of the region is comparable with the best in the world. Furthermore, research forms the basis for training of physicians and other health staff and is vital in recruitment and skills development of health staff.

The Policy on Health Research 2020 strengthens the frameworks for health research and will contribute to launching important initiatives.

Vision for he​​​​​​alth research in the Capital Region of Denmark 2020

The Capital Region of Denmark has propagated recognised and visible health research of high international quality in close interaction with departments, businesses, universities and relevant educational institutions; this has provided a significant foundation for an effective and future-proofed health research which generally offers high quality health-care services in designated areas at high international level.

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