Optimisation of your application

​The Centre for Innovation and Research (CIR) provides help with writing good applications when applying for external funds.

​Comments on your application

The CIR assists in drawing up and improving applications, for example to prevent slip-ups in relation to rules and to assist in the writing process. We will make suggestions for improvements and changes and act as the first critical readers of the application before you send it off. 

We focus on the structure and layout of the application, and we will help you highlight and tone down the contents to make the project and its purpose appear clearly and unambiguously. 

English proofreading 

The CIR offers proofreading by our external consultant of major applications in English. We make an assessment from application to application of whether we can offer free English proofreading, but as a rule the following criteria apply: 

  • It is a major foreign application.
  • If you apply to a Danish foundation requiring an application in English, you must be applying for more than DKK 3 mill.
  • Finally the CIR will make their comments on the application before sending it off for proofreading.

The CIR as an administrative facilitator 

For larger, cross-disciplinary applications, including applications to the NIH and the EU, the CIR may act as facilitator. 

The facilitator function will always be adapted to the needs of the individual group, but may entail: 

  • Calls to meetings
  • Proposals for agendas
  • Preparation of timetable
  • Inputs for the application
  • One-day seminar

One-day seminar 

When researchers from different environments collaborate on an application, it is important that they stay away from labcoats and beepers. 

Therefore the CIR offers to help plan and hold a one-day seminar in connection with major strategic research applications. We will invite all participants, arrange for rooms, food and drinks, and help facilitate the day.​


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