Priority applications

​To coordinate expectations for support from the CIR funding consultants, we have prepared the guidelines outlined below.

The CIR funding consultants primarily focus on major strategic efforts and applications of a certain size. Unfortunately, this means that we have to refer researchers in the beginning of their careers as well as researchers with minor applications to the various tools and assistance on our website. 

However, we stress that we are glad to lend a helping hand if time permits. Therefore, researchers may receive different types of counselling, even though they contact us with the same type of query. This is not due to different priorities on our part, but rather that we have been contacted during a period where we have time to provide complete counselling, even though a query is about e.g. a minor application. 

​​​​Help for ​​self-help 

As we cannot make time for all queries, we have developed a number of tools. Unfortunately these are still only available in Danish: 
  • We have a funding database with more than 600  entries (searches may be in English but most of the results will be in Danish)
  • We have developed a tool box with contents for the different parts of an application and other advice
  • Our monthly newsletter has updates with the most important application deadlines and news from the world of research
  • 3-4 times per annum the CIR holds a workshop on the “Good Application”. Unfortunately, so far there has not been sufficient support to do a workshop in English. ​​

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