Clinical trials

​The Centre for Innovation and Research (CIR) would like to help reverse the fall in the number of clinical trials in Denmark. In order for the Capital Region of Denmark to preserve or increase the number of clinical trials in future, we therefore offer our assistance in the areas mentioned below.​​​

Collabora​​tion with industry

If there is a wish to enter into a collaboration with industry on clinical research projects, the CIR can help establish contact to libraries or pharmaceutical companies. This may be relevant if a centre wishes to participate in clinical trials for a pharmaceutical company, or if you are on the lookout for a company to sponsor trial medicines etc. for a trial initiated by an investigator.

At it is possible to apply for published clinical trials. This provides an overview of the companies which could be potential collaboration partners on clinical research projects.

Establish a cli​​nical research unit   

A clinical research unit is experienced and has the infrastructure and resources to perform clinical trials. This is a good and effective basis for conducting clinical trials. The CIR can help establish contact to clinical research units within specialist areas of diseases in the Capital Region of Denmark. Furthermore, we offer to help facilitate setting up new clinical research units by contributing know-how on establishment and operations. ​​​​

Set up res​earch networks  

The CIR can help facilitate setting up specialist networks and disseminate experience and work criteria from existing research networks for to new research networks; i.e. contribute experience and best practices.

Find clinical trial subjects   

Obtain advice and counselling on how to find subjects interested in participating in clinical trials. Patient recruitment is a focus area in which the Centre for Innovation and Research is aiming at being able to disseminate current possibilities for help to find clinical trial subjects. Contact Britta Smedegaard Andersen at +45 38 66 69 34 or

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