Contracts and collaboration agreements

As an employee at the Capital Region of Denmark, the Centre for Innovation and Research (CIR) will help you draw up contracts and collaboration agreements with external collaboration partners.


The CIR’s legal experts will help you complete and negotiate contracts free of charge. A contract helps ensure that all conditions and rules for the collaboration have been written down and it can form the basis for a solution in the event of any subsequent disagreement or dispute.

The CIR must read​​​ your contract

As employee at the Capital Region of Denmark, you are obliged to contact the CIR so that we can read your contract with the collaboration partner before it is signed. If not, the contract may be considered as having been incorrectly concluded.

The CIR protects y​our rights

The CIR will take all steps necessary to protect your interests in a legal context as best and as quickly as possible. Therefore we have an internal goal to process all incoming contracts within a period of two weeks. We will ensure your rights as well as the rights of the institution and department, e.g. in terms of:
  • Rights to publication
  • Rights to use the results for further internal research
  • No personal liability
  • Applicable legislation and governing jurisdiction (choice of court of law)

Type of agreem​ents the CIR can help you with

The CIR lawyers provide legal counselling and negotiation in respect of the following types of contract:
  • Clinical Trials Agreements (CTA)
  • Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (NDA/CDA)
  • Sub-site agreements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)
  • Consultancy contracts
  • Agreements with the Advanced Technology Foundation (HTF)
  • Advance transfer of patent rights
  • Agreements on PhD scholarships and professorships
  • Collaboration agreements regarding public-private innovation (PPI)

Contact us

If you do not have a draft contract but are considering entering into an agreement with a collaboration partner, you are welcome to contact us so that we can help you prepare a first draft.

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