The Capital Region of Denmark must stay abreast with developing future health services, whilst also contributing to creating regional growth and development. Therefore, the Centre for Innovation and Research (CIR) offers various possibilities within innovation support.
The innovation measures are to promote innovative activities and solutions which contribute to increased quality and efficiency in health services. At the same time, collaboration on innovation between the Capital Region of Denmark, businesses, universities and other players must be strengthened to support new growth and new jobs.

Innova​​tion support from the CIR

Innovation support builds on knowledge accumulated in the former Centre for Health Innovation - not least experience from e.g. the Healthcare Innovation Lab. The Centre for Innovation and Research (CIR) can help with:
  • Counselling on innovation
  • Rights, business development, etc.
  • Strategic efforts
  • Idea clinic

What charact​​erizes innovation?

In the Capital Region of Denmark, innovation is defined as: 

  • Ne​w: New knowledge and needs create new ideas through unconventional collaboration and new methods. The ideas are assessed to have potential for creating new value.
  • Us​​​eful: It is documented through development and testing that the idea is innovative and thus creates new value for health services, the public and/or society.
  • Ex​ploited: Innovation is made successful by realising its value through implementation and dispersion to the benefit of health services, the public and society

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