Technology transfer

The core of all of our technology transfer is the translation of patentable academic and research activities into commercially attractive opportunities that will benefit patients. Our technology transfer team possess a unique set of skills to advance the active transfer of technology between scientists and the life science and med-tech industries.

Our ​​​expertise

We are ready to assist you with:
  • Evaluating whether your invention is patentable, and navigating through the patenting process
  • Assessing whether a substantial market exists for your technology generated by an unmet need
  • Safeguarding your hospital’s intellectual property rights and protecting your academic priorities, interests and values while simultaneously generating industrial interest
  • Gap funding to facilitate the maturation of qualifying technologies towards commercialisation
As your technology moves through the above process, we assist in transferring your invention from your hospital into commercial development in collaboration with appropriate industrial partners.

We want t​​o hear from you ​​

If you are eager to know whether your technology has the potential for commercial collaboration, plea​se conne​ct with us to jointly explore your options. ​

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