The Capital Region of Denmark has a great potential for innovation. Hospital construction, a multi-billing operating budget and several thousands of innovative and dedicated managers and employees enable collaboration on innovative solutions with enterprises and universities within a wide range of specialist areas.
The Capital Region of Denmark must stay abreast with developing future health services whilst also contributing to creating regional growth and development.

We have a long-standing tradition for research-driven innovation in collaboration with private businesses. In recent years multiple public and private innovation collaborations have been launched.

Strongholds of​​ the Capital Region of Denmark

The capital region has several businesses of strong international influence, not least due to good collaboration with hospitals and universities. We have one the strongest bio-health clusters encompassing research collaboration and world class commercialisation within drugs as well as medico. Moreover, other strongholds within e.g. IT, engineering and cleantech are of great relevance to collaboration with the health services.

Become a “fi​​rst mover”

Public-private innovation (PPI) yields a huge potential for developing health services and contributing to generating the growth and development necessary in order to create new markets, new research areas and new workplaces.

Public-private innovation may contribute to Danish enterprises becoming “first movers” in a world market which requires solutions to special needs in the health sector.

Collaborati​​​​​​on with businesses and knowledge institutions

The Capital Region of Denmark wants to establish several innovative collaborations between the region’s health services, businesses and national and international knowledge institutions (education/training and research). The collaboration aims at introducing new value-creating products and solutions based on the challenges and needs which the health services are facing and taken into account global commercial potentials.

Public-private innovation may lead to development and implementation of new technologies, medico-technical equipment and drugs that may increase quality and efficiency of patient treatment and the daily running of hospitals, as well as promote growth and the competitive situation of private businesses.

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