Support for research projects and PhD study fees

The research foundation for health research of the Capital Region of Denmark supports researchers in the region with funding for research projects and PhD study fees.

Who can app​ly?

Researchers whose project within health research is anchored in an institution under the Capital Region of Denmark (hospitals, mental health services, disability and administrative units) or in a practice in the outskirts of the Capital Region of Denmark. In this context, ‘anchored’ means that generally the researcher is employed at the institution or is in practice during the project period.

Research pro​​jects

Every year, themes determined as the basis for awarded grants. In 2012 a total of DKK 25 mill. was distributed, with DKK 20 mill. for independent resources and DKK 5 mill. for specific strategic efforts, the purpose of which is to promote development of new knowledge in areas which contribute to solving the challenges facing the health services.

From 2009-2012, DKK 82 mill. was shared between 76 projects.

Application deadline

In 2013 the application deadline was 16 April. The deadline for 2014 will be published as soon as the information is available.

PhD stu​​dy fees

If documentation for enrolment has been provided, the PhD study fee will be covered up to a maximum of DKK 20,000 per annum for a period of no more than three years. The fee must not already have been covered by external funds.

Grants are not allocated retrospectively, i.e. subsidies are only granted as of the current year and onwards.

Applicati​​on deadline

There is an ongoing application deadline and grants are given purely administratively.

If you are interested in more information about the individual items, please contact Anne Dorthe Suderbo, Adviser, on +45 38 66 55 87 or

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