Duration and price of the course

The price of an alcohol, drugs and traffic course is DKK 3,200 and consists of four 3-hour lessons

​An alcohol, drugs and traffic course costs DKK 3,200. 
The price is the same all over Denmark.​​

​​You register online and pay immediately. It is not possible to pay cash through attendance.

The course comprises four 3-hour lessons. 

​​The ​​Executive Order on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Courses stipulates that the lessons must take place at a minimum once every two weeks and that lessons must be completed in the right order and in the same class.

The course certificate

The course certifi​cate is handed out on the fourth and last lesson of the course. It is a prerequisite that the course fee has been paid.

The certificate must be delivered to Borgerservice (lifeindenmark) on registration for a theoretical and practical driver's test.

Certificates on alcohol, d​rugs and traffic courses are applicable one year from the date of issue. 

You can contact the course administration if you lose your course certificate.
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