Traffic agreement with the municipalities

On 7 September 2011 the Capital Region of Denmark and the regional organisation »Kommunekontaktrådet Hovedstaden« concluded the regional traffic agreement “Investing in the future” where the region and municipalities together pinpoint the required investments in infrastructure.
Today the capital region is a focal point for flows of traffic on railways and roads between Scandinavia and Europe. Many people travel to and from the region and more freight traffic needs to be transported via the region. We are facing a challenge in terms of reducing traffic by means of better solutions for infrastructure.

Two focus areas

The region and municipalities are concentrating on two major focus areas: the international dimension and local accessibility.

Out of the region - the international dimension​

By providing good traffic connections in the Øresund region (the Sound), good transport connections to neighbour regions as well as to major European and global focal points, we must ensure that we become part of a major network.

Proposal for solutions

  • Strategic efforts for development of attractive flight connections which will help strengthen Copenhagen airport
  • High-speed lines connecting us with Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, and which supports the airport
  • Improve connections in the Øresund Region by expanding the public railways.

Around the region - strengthening local accessibility

Road congestion in the region is expensive and impedes growth. In 2010 every day citizens wasted 190,000 hours per day due to congested traffic. This lack of passability costs society about DKK 10 bn. per annum.

Proposal for solutions

  • A new permanent connection to Elsinore and Helsingborg for both roads and railways, and in addition hereto:
  • A new ring road with connection from the Fehmarn link via Høje-Taastrup to Elsinore for both roads and railways. However, further analysis of requirements and layout is needed.
  • A new fiord connection at Frederikssund
  • A new eastern port connection in Copenhagen
  • Realisation of the light railway along Ring 3 as soon as possible
  • Expansion of the coming light railway and the metro system to create cohesive railway services

Read the entire Traffic Agreement in PDF


Birgit Elise Petersen, Chief Adviser
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