Cycle Superhighways

Cycling offers huge benefits for the individual as well as for society. For the individual, cycling is healthy, flexible and fast. For society, a large number of cyclists primarily means more efficient traffic movement, reduced congestion and pollution, as well as societal health benefits as a result of increased exercise.


25 % off all commuting in the Capital Region of Denmark is already done by bike but it could be better. Therefore, 23 municipalities and the Capital Region of Denmark have joined forces to make the region the greatest cycling region in the world.

Bike comm​​uters

The aim of this project is to get more people to commute by bike over longer distances. What we intend to do is spoil the existing and coming bike commuters, by creating a network of cycle super highways, making it even more attractive for them to use their bikes as a daily means of transport. We want people to perceive these routes as a serious alternative, equal to taking the car, bus or train.

The whole purpose of the Cycle Superhighways is to create better conditions for commuter cyclists, and thus encourage more people to choose the bike over the car. It provides improved health, improved urban environment and less congestion - for the benefit of all road users. Ultimately, it is both cyclists and our communities that will stand as winners.​

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