The Intersectoral Prevention Laboratory

The Intersectoral Prevention Laboratory (TIPL) was initiated in 2018 by the Danish Regions (an interest organization for the five regions in Denmark) with the aim of strengthening collaboration and intersectoral partnerships in public health promotion and prevention. TIPL is a non-profit public initiative run by a joint secretariat between Center for Clinical Research and Prevention, Frederiksberg Hospital, and Steno Health Promotion, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen.

TIPL facilitates that partners and organizations from different sectors can meet and develop intersectoral partnership projects on prevention and health promotion.  To be an eligible TIPL project, the projects need to address 'real world problems' in the public health or clinical practice. Furthermore, they need to include an evaluation with a focus on both implementation processes and outcomes.
TIPL offers a bank of resources, consisting of researchers, fundraisers and statisticians providing support with intervention and evaluation design, data analysis, fundraising, partnership facilitation, mobilizing partners. Although TIPL provides organizational and research support it does not run nor fund projects.

TIPL has been established with a secretariat with a handful of full and part time employees supervised by a resource bank of senior staff providing advice to the secretariat and projects. TIPL has by early 2020 initiated three network-meetings aiming to mobilize and involve partners in new projects. A broad range of stakeholders haves participated at these meeting, ranging from municipalities, regions, NGOs, private sector etc. At the latest meeting, a total of 60 different organizations participated. The network meetings have so far resulted in eight new intersectoral collaboration projects, where TIPL contributes with partnership and project facilitation, helps with the development of study- and evaluation design but also participates in fundraising to secure profound evaluation and research. Foci of these projects are on collaboration across sectors, from hospitals to rehabilitation and smoking cessation programs in the municipalities and on involving NGOs in research projects.

TIPL has been well received across research, health sectors (municipality and regions), private and civic organizations. TIPL provides a platform to increase collaboration across partners and play a role in relation to gathering and mobilizing partners and in contributing to securing designs with a focus on implementation and outcomes evaluation, and co-creation with stakeholders in intervention design. The innovative potential for TIPL is in facilitating new types of partnerships, pragmatic approaches to evaluation and the development of new solutions. The research support and skills offered by TIPL are often difficult for the projects to obtain themselves.

For more information, please contact 

Anders Blædel Gottlieb Hansen, Ph.D.

Project manager on The Intersectoral Prevention Laboratory

E-mail: anders.blaedel.gottlieb.hansen@regionh.dk 
Telephone: 3816 3116

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