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PhD position at CHIP - Centre of Excellence for Health, Immunity and Infections, Rigshospitalet

We are looking for a full-time PhD student for a position at CHIP - an academic research Centre of Excellence with offices at Rigshospitalet - starting 01 October 2022. Initially, the position is for 1 year with possibility of extension into a 3-year PhD grant depending on approval of PhD-proposal. We offer a challenging and meaningful position in an exciting and inspiring international research environment. 

About us

Centre of Excellence for Health, Immunity and Infectious (CHIP) is an international academic research center at Rigshospitalet. We are a dynamic multidisciplinary group working within medical research, public health research, IT and data management, statistics and bioinformatics, clinical trials and research administration. CHIP is a leader in the field of developing and coordinating international clinical trials and international observational cohort studies involving participants with HIV and other infectious diseases such as hepatitis and tuberculosis, and recently also COVID-19, primarily from clinics in Europe.

As a research organization, CHIP participates in many international collaborations and you will be working with people from all over the world. As a result, English will be a natural part of your workday.

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The research area

The WHO estimates that 38 million individuals are living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). When taken continuously combination antiretroviral treatment is effective in controlling HIV, restoring immune function and decreasing HIV-related comorbidities and mortality. However, despite successful treatment accumulating evidence is pointing towards an increased occurrence of cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, cancer and chronic liver and renal impairment in HIV-positive persons compared to the general population. The reason for the overrepresentation of these chronic conditions is likely multi-factorial with a combination of HIV-itself, persistent inflammation, coagulation activation, immune dysfunction, ageing, lifestyle factors and adverse drug effects.

CHIP is coordinating centre for the international multi-cohort collaboration RESPOND, which aims at investigating effects of HIV, viral hepatitis co-infection, adverse drug effects and comorbidities on morbidity and mortality outcomes amongst people living with HIV.

More specifically the areas aimed to be included in this PhD-position includes assessment of risk factors, management and outcomes of cancer, organ impairment (such as liver, renal and cardiovascular) and death in people living with HIV with a particular focus on the impact of HIV-related factors and antiretroviral treatment.

The tasks

Initially you will be employed for a one-year period where you and key RESPOND researchers will prepare a research protocol forming the basis for the submission of a PhD application to the University of Copenhagen. The application should be submitted within 6 months of the hiring date. Depending on the outcome, the position can be extended for the duration of the PhD study.

The supervisors will be medical doctors and biostatisticians with experience in the scientific area affiliated with CHIP. The supervisors will oversee the development of the PhD application and act as advisors during the PhD study.

In addition to the scientific work you will be centrally involved with the coordination of the RESPOND consortium (liaison with participating cohorts, partners and funders, data quality assurance and data cleaning, validation of events, support to scientific boards and committees, meeting planning and minutes, writing newsletters, circulation of proposals and manuscripts, development and updates of SOPs and MOOPs and general operative support to the coordination team. etc).

You are a trained physician and possess basic skills in epidemiology and statistics i.e. from previous research experience. You have excellent IT and communication skills and able to use English as working language.
We are looking for a committed, hardworking, persistent and flexible candidate that can work independently under the supervision of experienced supervisors and understands the importance of collaboration.


Salary and employment conditions are in accordance with current public agreements between the Capital Region of Copenhagen and AC. Your workplace will be CHIP offices at the Rigshospitalet. Funding for the full PhD position is to be ensured by research grants and we expect you to take active part in the funding application process.     

For further information, please contact Lene Ryom, mail:

Interested applicants should apply before July 6th 2022, 24:00h.

Application should include a CV, a cover letter expressing your interest and motivation, and any relevant publications.





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