​The scale of the architecture is downplayed to an expression – aesthetically and functionally. In addition, the hospital
will be the main statement of a new urban development area with a new infrastructure and new railway station.

Welcome to New North Zealand Hospital

The new hospital will gather all functions of a hospital in one organic building, shaped like a clover leaf. The hospital will take the form of a pavilion in the middle of a forest south of Hillerød, North Zealand and will be both inviting and carefully planned down to every logistical and clinical function

Setting new standards

New North Zealand Hospital – designed by Herzog & de Meuron and Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects – will set new standards in healthcare design and healthcare delivery. The hospital is based on social, economic and environmental sustainability. The goal is higher quality, coherence, equality, safety, and a faster diagnosis and treatment for all patients. 

With a modest four floors at its highest point, the hospital is designed on a human scale despite its large size. The building is designed to be overwhelming - but closely integrated within the landscape.

The innovative, organic form of a four-leaf clover connects the many components of the hospital and ensures a feeling of safety as well as efficient flows. The architecture of the hospital thus supports the healing of each patient.

Healing architecture

Nature and daylight will be fully integrated into the building and reflect the healing atmosphere of the scenic surroundings. Conceptually, the landscape is conceived as a forest and the hospital as a pavilion. The landscape design takes its point of departure from the moraine formations of the site. To support the healing of each patient the wards at the top levels will have a view overlooking the surrounding landscape.

Keeping the patient in mind

The ability to adapt to the patients of the future is essential. Everyone should receive proper and efficient treatment. The hospital aims to meet the needs of patients and their relatives in order to ensure a positive experience in a difficult situation. Before, during, and after a hospital experience.

National reform plan

Denmark is over a 10 year period investing more than 40 billion Danish Kroner (approx 7.4 billion. USD) in the renewal of hospital facilities all over the country. The investment covers 16 projects. New North Zealand Hospital is one out of 4 new hospitals.