Using data from two national surveys on the interface between secondary and primary health care

​The objective of this study is to compare the results of a survey on patients’ experiences of discharge from hospital with an indicator-based evaluation of discharge-letters in 29 Danish hospital departments.

1. februar 2005

Two different kinds of quality assessment were performed in 2004 on the same departments

1. In seven counties (half of Denmark) the Unit of Patient Evaluation carried out a department specific survey (TUP) as an extension of the National Survey on Patient Experiences in Hospitals. Questions were addressing the patients’ assessment of how well informed their GP had been on the recent discharge from hospital.

2. In collaboration with the Danish Quality Project for General Practice, the “Good Medical Department Project” (“DGMA”) coordinated a nation-wide audit on the quality of discharge letters. Data on indicators such as information on planned follow-up and over-all assessment were collected.

29 departments participating in the audit on discharge letters were also supplying patients to the survey on patients’ experiences. This permitted the GP-assessments of the quality of discharge letters to be compared with the frequency of the patients’ positive answers to: “How well informed was your GP about your recent discharge from hospital?”