About RCPH

Research Centre for Prevention and health (RCPH) is one of the oldest Danish research institutions within epidemiology and prevention with 50 years experience in population based epidemiology and 15 years experience in health promotion research. Based on a strategy combining epidemiology with research in prevention and health promotion, RCPH is among the leading centres within public health in Denmark.

The staff comprises 50 people including 2 clinical professors, 4 associate professor, 10 senior researchers, several PhD students and research assistants, and in-house statistical and IT support. Three research departments cover: Population-based epidemiology, Clinical epidemiology and Prevention and health promotion.

Annual number of articles in peer reviewed international journals is more than 100 and in total more than 2,000 articles and 100 academic thesis have been published since 1967. RCPH has ranged the highest scoring institute in the Capital Region during the last two years as regards research.

RCPH has a comprehensive international research collaboration, which started with the participation in the international MONICA-studies.

Contact: Torben Jørgensen, Director, e-mail: Torben Jørgensen​

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