Vaccination against monkeypox

Monkeypox vaccinations are now available for a specific group of citizens.

See the criteria to get a monkeypox vaccination on the Danish Health Authority’s website​​


You need a referral for a vaccination

​In order to receive a vaccination against monkeypox in the Capital Region of Denmark, you will need a referral.

If you have received an invitation

If you are currently receiving PrEP treatment against HIV, you will receive an invitation via your e-boks. If you have received an invitation, you can arrange an appointment for a monkeypox vaccination.

Vaccination is free and voluntary.

If you have not rece​ived an invitation

​​Patients with HIV undergoing treatment at an infectious diseases department who believe that they are in the target group should contact the infectious diseases department.

You may also be in the target group for the vaccination in the following situations:

  • If you are not receiving preventive treatment against HIV (PrEP), but you meet the criteria for this (e.g. men who have sex with other men but cannot tolerate PrEP treatment or who have decided not to take the treatment)
  • If you are a man, you have sex with men, and you have had unprotected anal sex with at least two male partners within the past 12 weeks (steady, known HIV-negative partners do not count in this respect)
  • If you are a man, you have sex with men, and you have had syphilis, chlamydia or gonorrhoea within the past 24 weeks.

If you think that you are in the target group for the monkeypox vaccination, please contact your general practitioner for information about your vaccination options.

You can also get a referral by visiting ​one of AIDS-Fondets Checkpoints in their opening hours​ or by contacting​​ AIDS-Fondets Checkpoints via the hotline at 33 91 11 19 (Monday to Friday at 10-14) or at info@aidsfondet.dk.​

2. injection after 28-35 days

​People born after 1970 must have two injections to be fully vaccinated. People born in 1970 or earlier probably received a smallpox vaccination as a child and therefore only need one injection to be fully vaccinated.

You must ensure that you get your second injection in the period 28-35 days after the first injection or as soon as possible thereafter​You can either book an appointment on the phone or show up for a drop-in.


Vaccination of close contacts

If you have been in close contact with someone who has been infected, you will be contacted by the Danish Patient Safety Authority. The authority will assess whether you are to be offered a vaccination to reduce your risk of serious illness.​

If you are in close contact with a person infected with monkeypox, you must contact an infectious disease department to arrange an appointment for a monkeypox vaccination​:

Hvidovre Hospital
Department of Infectious Disease Medicine (Infektionsmedicinsk Afdeling)
Telephone: 38 62 21 00
Telephone hours: Monday-Friday at 8.00 - 15.00

Department of Infectious Diseases (Afdeling for Infektionssygdomme)
Tel. 35 45 86 22
Telephone hours: Monday-Friday at 8.00 - 15.00

Nordsjællands Hospital
Pulmonary and Infectious Disease Outpatient Clinic (Lunge- og Infektionsmedicinsk Ambulatorium​)
Telephone: 48 29 39 70
Telephone hours: Monday - Friday at 8.00 - 15.00

​​Vaccination centres and opening hours​

When you have been referred for a monkeypox vaccination, you can turn up for drop-in vaccination or you can choose to call and make an appointment (only at Hillerød and Bornholm). There may be a longer waiting time for drop-in.

The phones are open weekdays 9.00 - 13.00:

  • Hillerød vaccination centre:  Tel. no. (+45) 21 37 81 00
  • Bornholm vaccination centre: Tel. no. (+45) 40 28 61 71
At Baldersgade vaccination centre you can turn up for drop-in vaccination - but only on Wednesdays and Sundays between 13.00 - 15.00.


​Opening Hours
​​Baldersgade vaccination centre
Balder​sgade 24
2200 Copenhagen N​​
ONLY drop-in vaccination

​Wednesday and Sunday: 13.00 - 15.00

​Hillerø​​​d vaccination centre
Østergade 8
3400 Hillerød
Tel. no. (+45) 21 37 81 00
The phones are open weekdays 9.00 - 13.00.​

NOTE: Paid parking when registering a number plate - via smartphone or iPad.

​​Monday - Sunday: 8.00 - 21.30

​Bornholm vaccination centre
Ullavej 39C
3700 Rønne
Tel.no (+45) 40 28 61 71
The phones are open weekdays 9.00 - 13.00.​

Monday - Sunday: 8.15 - 15.30​
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