Regional Cycling Report

Reports on cycling behaviour in the Capital Region of Denmark and information about the significance of more Danes choosing bikes as their preferred mode of transport.

 8% m​​​ore journeys by bike 

The number of journeys by bike in the capital region increased by 8% from 2012 to 2016. This is shown in the Region's second Cycling Report published in spring 2017.

In Copenhagen/Frederiksberg, the increase was 8% during the four-year-period against a stagnation in the suburbs. In the open rural landscape, the number of journeys by bike rose by 20%. 

The next Cycling Report is expected published in 2021.

Health of R​​egion population on slight increase​

One-fourth of all journeys in the Capital Region of Denmark is by bike. In total, citizens of the Region cycled 2.3 kilometres every day in 2016.

The many journeys by bike result in more than 1 million fewer sick days per year in the Region. If more people would saddle up, we could save on health expenses. We should particularly look for more new cyclists in the suburbs and countryside outside Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

We mak​e room on roads when we cycle

Frequent journeys by bike mean that there are 124,000 fewer journeys by car during peak hours alone.

When we make room on the roads for our fellow citizens and business operators in the capital region, we contribute to productivity.

Prev​ention of climate change 

Cycling by citizens of the Region annually reduces carbon emissions by 114 million tonnes, corrresponding to the yearly emission of 15.000 people. Together with walking, cycling is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport. Cycling gives us better urban environments with cleaner air and less noise. IN fact, the societal gains sum up to 30 million Danish kroner per year because of less noise, and 27 million Danish kroner because of less air pollution.

Prep​​​​​aring the cycle accounts 

The cycle accounts were prepared by means of statist​ical databases ad desk research. The accounts were developed together with the consultant firm Konsulenthuset Incentive.
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