Environmental Friendly Hospitals and Institutions

The region is working with a wide range of activities in respect of the environment and sustainability for the purpose of greener hospitals and institutions. Read more about our areas of special interest and our goals for sustainable development in the region.​

Sustain​​able development high on the agenda at the Capital Region of Denmark

Hospitals and institutions of the Capital Region of Denmark are large enterprises which have impacts on the environment and climate. Therefore the Capital Region of Denmark is working actively on implementing a wide range of activities with respect of the environment and sustainability. ​

The region aim​s initiatives at specific activities

The region has prepared a strategy and action plan ensuring that strategic goals are coupled with specific activities within ten selected areas of special interest:


  • The environment and energy management
  • Communication and dissemination
  • Climate
  • Energy and utility water
  • Chemicals
  • Waste
  • Waste water
  • Green procurement
  • Sustainable building and construction and green business development
  • Green IT​

Environment and energy management is a fundamental require​​ment

Environment and energy management is the organisational and managerial instrument which ensures the region is able to work systematically, continually and effectively with sustainability. Therefore, this is the first and fundamental area of special interest as strong environment and energy management at all hospitals, institutions etc. is the prerequisite for reaching the environmental and energy goals of the region.

Health​​care activities are resource demanding and impact the environment

The healthcare activities of the region are energy intensive, and for example large quantities of chemical products and drugs are used. Other significant environmental impacts of the hospitals and the region are due to releases into the air, primarily greenhouse gases, as well as discharges of waste water through treatment plants and waste disposal. ​

Indirect en​vironmental impacts are the greatest environmental impact

Contrary to popular belief, the indirect environmental impacts of hospitals and enterprises constitute the greatest environmental impact globally. Indirect environmental impacts occur e.g. when the region purchases products and services as the production, transport and disposal of such products and services causes an environmental impact.

​The region wa​​nts to create balance

The Capital Region of Denmark is working to create balanced development for people and the environment through effective sustainability measures. Hospitals, enterprises, corporate management staff and employees of the region all contribute to ensuring a good environment, improved health and sustainable development.


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