Back pains

Read here to learn more about the possible symptoms connected with back pains, and how we can help on 1813.

The following scenario is fictive, but realistic.


A woman calls helpline 1813 because she has lower back pains. The woman is urinating normally, she is able to move her legs and has no tingling sensation in her legs.

The nurse recommends a painkiller, available over the counter, and advises the woman to wait and see how she feels after two days. She is advised to see her own physician (GP) if there is no improvement.

This is how we help​​​

The nurse on the helpline can determine whether the woman is suffering from a serious back condition that requires immediate treatment, or whether it is a complaint where the patient should wait and see if there is an improvement.

If the woman was experiencing problems urinating or had a tingling sensation in her legs, then the outcome of the conversation may have been quite different.

If you are in doubt​​​

If you are uncertain how serious your illness or injury is, you are always welcome to call the helpline on 1813, and we will guide you appropriately.

Helpline 1813 is staffed 24 hours a day.​

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