Fever (High temperature)

Read here to learn more about the possible symptoms connected with fever, and how we can help on 1813.

The following scenario is fictive, but realistic.​


A two-year-old boy has a high temperature and does not want to eat. His mother calls helpline 1813.

The nurse asks whether the boy is showing any specific symptoms, such as ear pain.

This is how​​​ we help

The nurse forwards the call to the out-of-hours medical services for a closer examination, as it is outside opening hours for the boy’s own physician (GP).

When you, or your child, have a fever, cannot eat and are generally feeling bad, you can always call the helpline on telephone no.: 1813

If you ​are in doubt​

You can of course call your own physician within opening hours and otherwise you can call the out-of-hours medical services between 04:00 p.m and 08:00 a.m.

Helpline 1813 is staffed 24 hours a day.​

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