Summary of Patient Rights

If you are resident or staying in the Capital Region of Denmark, then the Region is responsible for any treatment you receive at one of our hospitals, mental health services or at your general practitioner, a specialist and certain other healthcare professionals

Legal right of access to documents

Furthermore, you also have legal right of access to your medical journal and the right to have your information kept confidential.
The Danish Health Act also gives you a number of rights to ensure that you are treated as quickly as is medically responsible and, in some cases, you have the right to seek treatment at another hospital in or outside the region.

Patient Adviser

Your rights depend on your specific situation. If you have any questions regarding your course of treatment, please contact the staff at your place of treatment. If you have any general questions regarding your treatment options, rights or similar, you can contact a patient adviser. You are free to choose any patient adviser.

Contact information for Patient Advisers in the Capital Region of Denmark (In danish)

Complaints and compensation

If you are of the opinion that a mistake has occurred or that you have been injured in connection with treatment, you can receive guidance with regard to filing a complaint and claiming compensation, either from the location at which you were treated or from a patient adviser.

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