Centre for Human Resources

Centre for Human Resources' primary tasks are payroll and personnel management, digitisation and standardisation, legal counselling, recruitment and employment, education, training and skills development, simulation and research, cross-regional leadership and organisational development​.



Organisational chart - Centre for Human Resources

Our departments​

  • HR Governance
  • HR Developement
  • HR Management
  • HR Administration

We promo​te​

  • A simpler working life
    Centre for Human Resources releases resources for core services by performing and streamlining administrative tasks in a professional and binding work community.
  • A results-driven working life
    As a collaboration partner, Centre for Human Resources is value-adding, proper, ambitious and service-oriented.
  • A visionary working life
    The culture at Centre for Human Resources ensures curiosity, quality and innovation within important specialist areas, benefiting patients, citizens, employees and managers.

Our core tasks​​

  • Payroll and personnel management
  • Digitisation and standardisation
  • Legal counselling in the HR area
  • Recruitment and employment
  • Education, training and skills development
  • Simulation, research and development
  • Cross-regional leadership and organisational development

We digitise​​

Centre for Human Resources works intensively and consciously to simplify and digitise as many processes as possible, and it is our ambition to meet employees and stakeholders at their respective digital platforms.

​We ​deliver​

Centre for Human Resources is responsible for the overall payroll system, facilitate recruitment across the entire region, have developed and implemented new uniforms to all clinical personnel and hosts the Capital Region's learning and management system.

We develop ​​

We strive to develop and improve quality solutions in all aspects of our core tasks. Moreover, we offer employees in the Capital Region of Denmark education and training - from intensive training programmes for all specialist groups in the health services to a comprehensive leadership development programme.

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