Centre for Human Resources

Centre for Human Resources' primary tasks are payroll and personnel management, digitization and standardisation, legal counselling, recruitment and employment, education, training and skills development, simulation and research, cross-regional leadership and organizational development​.



Organizational chart - Centre for Human Resources


The Capital Region of Denmark
Centre for Human Resources
Tel.: + 45 38 66 99 99

If your inquiry contains sensitive personal data and if you have a Danish civil registration number you can always write to us securely via Digital Post at borger.dk (login with your NemID)

If you have general questions that do not contain sensitive or confidential information, you can write to us via email

Our core tasks​​

  • Payroll and personnel management
  • Digitization and standardisation
  • Legal counselling in the HR area
  • Recruitment and employment
  • Education, training and skills development
  • Simulation, research and development
  • Cross-regional leadership and organisational development

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